Publications - Reports

Wairarapa Transport Resilience Study

Wairarapa Transport Resilience Study 2022

The resilience of selected local roads in the Wairarapa region has been assessed by consideration of the extent and duration of loss of functionality in the aftermath of a large storm and a large earthquake.

Wellington Lifelines Project 2019

Wellington Lifelines Project

To ensure rapid economic recovery following a major earthquake in Wellington, it is imperative that core infrastructure is as resilient as possible - this is the focus of the Wellington Lifelines Project. 

Restoring Wellingtons Transport Links Cover

Restoring Wellington's Transport Links After a Major Earthquake

This report pulls together information gained from recent work carried out by the transport infrastructure providers.

Lifeline Utilities Restoration Times Cover

Lifeline Utilities Restoration Times

This report provides a summary of likely restoration time for key lifeline utility services, following a major earthquake involving a rupture of the Wellington Fault.

Compost Toilet Trial Report Cover 2013

Compost Toilet Trial

This report documents the findings from a trial of emergency compost toilets conducted by WREMO in 2012. The trial demonstrated that compost toilets are a viable toilet option in an emergency where sewerage systems are disrupted.