Lower Hutt: Panoramic view of Hutt river and Lower Hutt City

Te Awa Kairangi Lower Hutt

The city sits in the lower southern valley of the Te Awa Kairangi/ the Hutt River, one of the most significant features of the city. The Hutt River runs from headwaters in the Tararua Ranges and outputs into Wellington Harbour. The combination of heavy rain along the length of the Tararua can create a potential high flood risk for Hutt Valley. 

There are no alerts for Lower Hutt

Lower Hutt City is administered by the Hutt City Council and has a population of around 104,532 people.

The city has one of the greatest proportions of science, technology and high value manufacturing businesses in New Zealand.

The western edge of the city runs along the same fault line that passes through Wellington city, posing a major threat of earthquake-related damage, landslides and tsunami.

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