Te Upoko o te Ika Wellington Region

Last updated: 16:19pm 4/05/2024

There are currently no emergencies in Te Upoko o te Ika/ Wellington region.

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A man is standing in front of a flooded house, struggling with an inside-out umbrella. There is lightening, heavy rain and trees bent by severe wind in the background.

Get Winter Ready

Winter in Wellington can bring some wild weather.

Find out what to do before, during and after severe weather. 

Te Mōreareatanga Hazards

View All Hazards

WREMO – What we do

Welcome to the Wellington Region Emergency Management Office (WREMO)! Our region’s landscapes are beautiful, but they can also experience many natural hazards such as earthquakes, flooding, landslides, and tsunami.

WREMO coordinates Civil Defence and Emergency Management Services on behalf of the nine councils in the Wellington Region. Our key focus is ensuring our communities are prepared and ready to respond in the event of an emergency.

A woman is filling a water bottle and another woman is stocking a cabinet with medical supplies and other unmarked items

Te Takatū Kāinga Home Ready

Find out how to make your home safer, what emergency supplies you need, what to do if you live in a high-rise building, and other tips on getting prepared for an emergency.

A busy café with a manager talking to a worker about their plan

Te Takatū Mahi Work Ready

Take a look at our business continuity planning guide to help identify how your organisation can keep its essential functions up and running during a time of disruption.

People gathered outside a Community Emergency Hub ready to assist their community. Two people are walking towards the hub pushing a wheelbarrow and carrying a spade. There is a person greeting them and pointing towards the hub who is wearing a yellow lany

Te Takatū Hapori Community Ready

Find out; how you can help your community, how your community can help you, where to locate your nearest Community Emergency Hub in an emergency.

Household Earthquake Planning

During this free one-hour session, you will learn what could happen in Wellington region in a major earthquake. You will get tips on how you, your household and whānau can stay safe and be prepared.

These sessions are available both in person and online. 

Business Continuity Planning

We run free two-hour workshops at a range of locations across the Wellington Region. 

You will learn the basics of business continuity planning and start to create a plan that meets your needs. These workshops are open to both businesses and community organisations

Community Emergency Response Practice

We hold a number of interactive community sessions across the Wellington region for people to practise how to work together in a disaster.

Practise how to run a Community Emergency Hub and help your community.

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