People coming to the Hub should be met on arrival by a friendly person who can direct them to the area which can best meet their needs. 

The Reception team needs to be welcoming, able to explain what the Hub is for, and what it can and can’t provide. 

Reception needs to be located at the front entrance to the Hub. 

Make sure that the Reception team is clearly identifiable by lanyards, coloured vests, or name tags. People will be looking for some obvious sign of who is there to help them. 


  • Greet people as they come in the door and direct them to the part of the Hub that can best deal with their needs. 
  • Stay calm – expect people to be upset, frustrated or even angry. 
  • Be honest if you don’t know the answer. Try to connect them with someone who might know. 
  • Try to keep the reception area tidy and clear of rubbish and debris. 
  • Make sure that Community Emergency Hub signage remains easy to see. 
  • Make sure that the Reception team is identifiable. 
  • See guidelines for providing comfort in the Community Space section. 

If you come across any information that could affect the community, the running of the Hub, or the wider response to the emergency, pass it on to the Information Coordination team. 

Working as a team

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