People will feel better about being at the Hub, and asking for help if the place is tidy, and not chaotic. Make sure the Hub is kept clean, tidy, and is safe to work in. It should be checked after every aftershock or any other environmental changes that might affect the safety of the building. 


  • Clean up any hazards such as broken glass, debris, and rubbish to avoid people being injured. Where possible, use protective equipment to avoid injury. 
  • Keep paths and walkways clear. 
  • Help find resources to make the Hub run smoothly – tables and chairs and other useful equipment from the facility. 
  • Collect general rubbish and make sure there are bins for disposal. 
  • Set up a hygiene station for handwashing with a bucket of water with bleach/detergent/soap if better facilities are not available.
  • Find or make a toilet facility. 
  • Make sure tea, coffee, and water are regularly refreshed for staff. 
  • Make the Hub weatherproof where possible. 

Your safety is a priority - if you can't do something safely, don't do it! 

If you come across any information that could affect the community, the running of the Hub, or the wider response to the emergency, pass it on to the Information Coodination team. 

Working as a team

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