What you need to know:

The following emergency updates affect Lower Hutt:

  • Pandemic

    The Wellington Region is at COVID-19 Alert Level 2

     The Wellington region is at Alert Level 2

    See guidance about what Alert Level 2 means on the national Alert Level 2 | Unite against COVID-19 website.  

    We need your support to protect New Zealand and eliminate COVID-19. 

    There are some key differences to what Level 2 looked like last time. 

    For information on Alert Level 2 in other languages and formats see here: Other Languages & Formats | Alert Level 2 

    What you need to know:

    • If you are sick, stay home. Do not go to work or school. Do not socialise. 
    • If you have cold, flu or COVID-19 symptoms, call your doctor or Healthline on 0800 358 5453 and get advice about being tested.  
    • At Alert Level 2, there are no restrictions on who can be included in your household bubble. 
    • You can go to work, and all businesses and services can open but legally must follow public health rules. 
    • Face coverings are now mandatory at Alert Level 2 for most people visiting and working in customer-facing businesses and services like shops, museums, libraries. Staff at public-facing workplaces must also wear face coverings.  
    • Gatherings are limited to 50 people in an indoor space, and 100 people in an outdoor space. 
    • All early learning services, schools, kura and tertiary education facilities are open at Alert Level 2.  
    • Record keeping for more businesses and locations will be required for all alert levels to ensure contact tracing can happen quickly if needed. 
    • For an up-to-date list of locations of interest, head to the Ministry of Health website. 
    • If you can work from home, you should continue to do so. 
    • Even if you have been vaccinated, you still need to follow the rules to keep everyone safe.  

    See all the guidance about what Alert Level 2 means on the national Alert Level 2 | Unite against COVID-19 website.   



    The role of the Wellington Region Civil Defence Emergency Management Group: 

    At a regional level, the Wellington Region Civil Defence Emergency Management (CDEM) Group is responsible for leading and coordinating the response across agencies in the Wellington Region: Kāpiti Coast District, Porirua, Wellington City, Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt and Wairarapa District. The CDEM Group is made up of the region’s nine councils, emergency services, lifeline utilities, the Wellington Region Emergency Management Office (WREMO) and other agencies with CDEM responsibilities, including welfare agencies. 

  • SUPER SHOT SATURDAY! It's time to get vaccinated Wellington region!

    Super Shot Saturday - 16 October!

    This Saturday, October 16 is your shot to get vaccinated, Wellington region! Super Shot Saturday is a nationwide push to get vaccinated against COVID-19 so we can bring on a great kiwi summer!

    It has never been more urgent to get New Zealand vaccinated. Summer is just 8 weeks away and we need everyone to book their first vaccine appointment now so they can get 2 doses and enjoy everything a classic Kiwi summer has to offer.

    The more of us are fully vaccinated, the more protection we will have against COVID-19, and the more freedom this gives us.

    If you are part of the 20% of the people who have not yet had a vaccination, it is going to be super easy to get vaccinated on Super Saturday. Vaccine clinics will be open all over the country, all day and into the evening.

    Walk-in and drive-through COVID-19 vaccination centres | Unite against COVID-19 (covid19.govt.nz)

    If you are one of the many people who have already had 1 or 2 doses — Shot! But your job is not done.

    To best protect your whānau, community, and the rest of New Zealand we are asking you to help us reach your friends, whānau, and colleagues who may still have some hesitation about being vaccinated and need some help and support to get it done.

    We are also asking our government agencies, our business community, our media and our community groups to play a role too.

    How can you help?

    • Get vaccinated! Either get your first dose, or if it has been over 3 weeks since your first dose, get your second now.
    • Spread the word about Super Saturday — think about what you can do as an individual or as a workplace, whānau or community group to help others be vaccinated.
    • Talk to people about why you got the vaccine — it helps others who have concerns.
    • Share reliable information — some people still need information they can trust if they’re not sure how to book or are worried about vaccination.

    Here are some resources to support you to have conversations with people who have questions about the vaccine.

    COVID-19 vaccination: Your questions answered

    NZ Vaccine Facts — Learn about the pandemic and getting vaccinated

    How to talk to your friends and whānau about the COVID-19 vaccine

    About the Pfizer vaccine

    COVID-19 vaccine fact sheets

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