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Staying informed during an emergency

There are mutliple ways to stay informed during an emergency including; radio, news media, WREMO and local council channels, TV and Emergency Mobile Alerts.

Knowing the natural warning signs for tsunami is important too.

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Sources of information in an emergency

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Natural Warning Signs

An earthquake can cause a tsunami.

If you FEEL an earthquake that is either longer than a minute  OR  strong enough to knock you off your feet, as soon as the shaking stops, move inland, uphill out of all tsunami zones or to the fifth floor or higher.

DO NOT WAIT for an official warning, there may not be enough time to send an alert or there could be a problem with the phone network.

If the earthquake is long OR strong, GET GONE!

Read about how to stay safe from a tsunami and check your evacuation zones here

Emergency Mobile Alerts

Emergency Mobile Alerts are  an alert which can be sent to your mobile phone, without needing to sign up or download an app. Most mobile phones are capable of receiving these alerts.

Wellington Region Emergency Management will only  send Emergency Mobile Alerts when there is a threat to life or significant disruption that could affect all or part of the Wellington Region.

When you receive an emergency alert, follow the advice from the alert and make sure you are safe. Then make sure your friends and family are safe by sharing the information on social media or text (if you can).