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Business continuity planning

Disruption could come in many forms – a major earthquake, flood, a prolonged power cut or even the sudden unavailability of you or a skilled member of your staff.

Your guide to creating a Business Continuity Plan

A business continuity plan identifies how your organisation can keep its essential functions up and running during a time of disruption. Planning will give your organisation a better chance of recovering quickly. 

Our simple guide will walk you through the steps required to develop a business continuity plan. Download the template plan (save a copy to your computer before you start to fill it in) and complete each section by following the steps. 

Free Workshops

If you’d like to learn more about business continuity planning, attend one of our free two-hour workshops at a range of locations across the Wellington Region.

These workshops are open to both businesses and community organisations. 

Your Business Continuity Checklist

I have: 

  1. Involved my staff in the development of this plan, and encouraged them to be better prepared at work and home 

  2. Identified our core products and/or services, and the essential roles and tasks needed to deliver these 

  3. Listed the essential supplies and equipment needed to provide these core products and/or services and identified alternatives 

  4. Added my key customers/clients to a list and have a plan for maintaining a good relationship throughout a disruption 

  5. Identified our relocation options 

  6. Reviewed my insurance needs 

  7. Considered my business or organisation’s delegation of authority 

  8. Backed up all my records 

  9. Saved my plan and contact list in multiple locations allowing for different access methods 

  10. Set time aside to practise and review my plan 

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Free Resources 

We provide easy to use resources to help your business be better prepared.