An outdoor scene of a community helping after a disaster. Two people are talking beside the noticeboard, another person is pushing a wheelbarrow, a person who uses a wheelchair is wearing a yellow lanyard and giving directions. Three people are fixing a b

Community Emergency Hub Guide

A Hub is a place for the community to coordinate your efforts to help each other during and after a disaster. 

Hubs provide the community with information which helps everyone make informed decisions about how to help themselves, so even if you do not have the capacity to help in a practical way, providing information is a valuable service. 

Objectives of the Community Emergency Hub are to:

  • Provide information so that your community knows how to help each other and stay safe.
  • Understand what is happening. 
  • Solve problems using what your community has available. 
  • Provide a safe gathering place for members of the community to support one another. 

Community Emergency Hub Guide Contents

About Community Response

Emergency and council services are likely to be overwhelmed during a disaster and may not be able to respond to every issue immediately.

1. Accessing the hub

Getting into the Hub safely and finding equipment.

2. Working as a team

Getting organised and choosing roles.

3. Setting up

How to make the best use of the space you have.

4. Before you open

Make sure everyone understands what you are here to do.

5. Your community's response

Local ideas and solutions for challenges you may face when responding to an emergency. 

6. Thinking about recovery

Considerations for your community for the future.

Find your local Hub and Guide

Each Hub has a paper copy of the Guide that is customised for your community.  You can find out where your closest Community Emergency Hub is and view the guide.