People evacuating after a long and strong earthquake. People running uphill towards another group of people standing on the other side of a painted blueline on the road. At the bottom of the hill, a woman is pointing towards a tsunami evacuation route sig

Faster, Safer Tsunami Evacuation Workshop: Waikanae

Date: Thursday 26th October 2023

Time: 6:30pm - 8pm

Location: Waikanae Beach Community Hall, 24 Rauparaha Street, Waikanae

If a large earthquake or tsunami happened now, would you know what to do? Do you have great local knowledge and want to contribute to tsunami evacuation planning?

Come along to WREMO’s workshops and find out more about your tsunami risk!

Learn how the latest computer models of tsunami evacuation can help identify safer and quicker evacuation routes for people who live and work in tsunami-prone areas in the upper part of the Kāpiti Coast.

Developed by scientists from GNS, the models simulate the movement of people who have self-evacuated on foot after a long or strong earthquake that could have caused a tsunami. The models can be used to plan quicker and safer evacuation routes, avoiding congestion.

Working together as a community, we can identify local evacuation routes that could save precious time after a tsunami-causing earthquake. You can help identify evacuation routes that are not on the model to improve our community preparedness, while also giving feedback on the suitability of the routes shown.

This is also a great opportunity to ask questions of our hazard experts Iain Dawe (Senior Policy Advisor, Hazards, Greater Wellington Regional Council) and William Power (Senior Geophysicist, GNS)