Lifeline utilities are the gas, electricity, petrol, transport, water, sewerage and telecommunications infrastructure we need to live. These utilities can be disrupted through event such as earthquakesfires or landslides. Disruptions can also occur through acts of terrorism or accidents that damage infrastructure. 

Effects of a utility failure

Infrastructure failure may significantly disrupt a community and society and can have a large economic impact. Depending on the time of year, disruption to utilities such as power could have a potentially serious effect for people trying to heat their houses in winter. People who rely on electrical medical equipment are especially vulnerable in a power failure.

In 2006 a burst water main flooded parts of Wellington’s gas network, disrupting gas supply to the central city for several weeks. The outage affected many businesses, particularly those in the hospitality sector, and was costly and disruptive to repair.

Current information on any utility disruptions

Any power outages information will be available from

Any water outage information will be available from

Lifelines utility groups 

There are two groups in the Wellington Region that coordinate the reduction, readiness, response and recovery of lifeline utility organisation: