30 JUNE 6AM  

Threat of heavy swells not yet over – WREMO  

Wellington Region Emergency Management Office (WREMO) Regional Manager Jeremy Holmes says the threat of heavy swells is not yet over, as we head towards another high tide this morning.  


Although the latest information from the MetService this morning indicates that waves along the South Coast peaked at around 6.5 metres shortly after high tide at 9pm last night, waves of up to 5.5 metres are still expected until 9.30am this morning when the next high tide is expected to occur. 


By way of comparison, waves of 5.5 metres are comparable to those seen during last year’s Owhiro Bay event when local roading and a number of properties sustained water damage.” 


The MetService are expected to provide officials with an updated assessment of the current weather patterns, and what can be expected for the rest of the morning, at 7am today.  


At first light roading crews and contactors will start clearing debris and assessing the level of damage sustained overnight.  


As at 5am today Wellington City Council’s Roading Team advised that they had seen overtopping at Breaker Bay, Owhiro Bay and Moa Point and they were clearing debris. 


They had also closed a section of road between Happy Valley Road and Red Rocks. The team said there didn’t appear to be much structural damage but they would confirm that at first light today, Mr Holmes says.  


At this stage our advice remains the same as last night: people should stay out of the water, stay off or away from beaches and away from the coast so they do not put themselves or rescuers at risk. 


The areas this advice relates to includes Wellington’s South Coast, the Wairarapa Coast and in Wellington harbour around Petone and Eastbourne. 


We will update residents as soon as possible once assessments have been carried out in all affected areas, and we have received an updated forecast from MetService.”  


Anyone who feels feel they are in immediate danger should call 111. People can continue to stay up to date by checking the MetService or WREMO website, or the WREMOnzfacebook page.