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10 January 2019 Preparing for the Big One on the Hikurangi Subduction Zone

Planning for a rupture of New Zealand’s largest fault - the Hikurangi subduction zone - has kicked into motion, with scientists certain it’s a case of when, not if.
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14 December 2018  A big step forward for the Wellington Region’s emergency management response 

Between the 14 and 28 November, over 400 council staff from across the Wellington Region took part in a series of 13 table-top exercises which used a scenario of a large earthquake to test emergency response procedures. The exercises coincided with the second anniversary of the Kaikoura Earthquake.  
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14 December 2018 Cultural organisations identify priorities for recovery of the Wellington Region  

How can cultural organisations work together to help rebuild societies following a disaster?  

In November, more than fifty cultural organisations from across the Wellington Region, representing arts, recreation, sports and heritage, met to discuss how they could work together to help the region recover from a major disaster. 
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13 November 2018 Earthquake scenario to practise emergency response on 2nd anniversary of Kaikōura quake Between the 14 and 28 November, councils across the Wellington region will be holding a series of training exercises using a simulated earthquake scenario to practise their emergency response procedures. The first of this series coincides with the second anniversary of the 2016 Kaikōura earthquake and takes place at Hutt City Council on Wednesday 14 November. 
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24 October 2018 Step up your level of earthquake preparedness with a long walk home Step up your level of earthquake preparedness with a long walk home After a major disaster, Wellington city’s roads and rail links could be cut off. If you live outside the city, your only option to get home could be on foot. To help the region’s residents get better prepared, community groups in Kāpiti and the Hutt Valley are asking people to join them in practising their long walk home. 
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