Emergency Mobile Alert Icon

Some people got an early morning test of the Emergency Mobile Alert system recently when some overseas testing of the product managed to get out of the test environment and into the real world.

Next week, our NZ network providers will be having a play on the system too. They're essentially doing testing on a cell tower in their own physical testing environment where the signal shouldn't get out past the walls of their building. However, if you are close enough to the site, your phone _might_ go off when they do the test. (Because it's supposed to be a localised test, it's okay if you don't get anything). Spark's testing sites are in Petone in Lower Hutt and Featherston St in Wellington.

The tests will be on Tuesday 17th and Thursday 19th next week, between 9am and 4pm. Any messages will say they are from MCDEM (the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management) and will say they are a test.
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Released: 14 October 2017