Drop cover hold

Drop cover hold. Drop so you don’t fall down, Cover to protect yourself from falling objects, Hold onto your shelter so you stay under it. Don’t run outside. After the shaking stops don’t gather in front of buildings where material could fall on you. If you have mobility challenges brace and cover yourself as best you can.
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Long OR Strong? Be gone!

If you live near the coast and experience an earthquake that is either longer than a minute, OR strong enough that it is hard to stand up, get to high ground or inland as soon as the shaking stops. There will not be sirens telling you to evacuate. Have a backpack with essential items to grab and take with you.
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Store water

Store at least 20 litres of water per person in your household. This is to last 7 days for drinking and cooking. Store more for hygiene and cleaning. Have at least 7 days of food in the pantry and know where other essential items are kept in your home.
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Have a family plan

Plan with your household for how you will reconnect with one another, no matter the circumstances. Stay at home if you can. Plan for your pets as well.
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Fix. Fasten. Don’t forget

Secure your home’s foundations and chimney. Fasten tall, heavy furniture, hot water cylinder and valuable items inside your house.
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Be Neighbourly

After looking after yourself, and your family check on your neighbours, those who may need assistance in your community. If you need help or can offer help, go to your local Community Emergency Hub (currently signposted as Civil Defence Centres).
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Find good information

Download the Red Cross Hazard app from your app store
Follow us on Facebook.com/WREMOnz or Twitter @WREMOinfo
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If you’ve been affected by the earthquake

ERIC Earthquake Recovery Information Centre

In Wellington City ERIC is here to help. The centre pulls together representatives from agencies involved in helping people and businesses recover after the recent earthquakes. ERIC is a one-stop-shop offering help and advice with:

  • Business support packages
  • Insurance
  • Employment support
  • Health and welfare
  • Cordon information and access queries

Monday-Friday 10 am – 6 pm

Public Trust Building, corner of Lambton Quay & Stout Street

Released: Friday 2 December 2016