Tsunami Blue Line above Island Bay.

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Many areas across the Wellington region have a blue line painted across roads and footpaths. The blue lines show the safe places to evacuate to if there is a long or strong earthquake. That is an earthquake that lasts longer than a minute or one that is too strong to easily stand up in.

If you live, work or visit the coast, know where the blue lines are and how fast you can get there by foot.

Long or Strong, Get GoneIf you feel an earthquake that is either longer than a minute OR strong enough that it’s hard to stand up THEN get to high ground (past the blue line), as soon as the shaking stops!

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 WREMO is working with other coastal communities to raise tsunami awareness and, if the community is supportive, draw blue lines.  If you are interested in participating please contact us.

Tsunami zone evacuation maps 

We have mapped the tsunami evacuation zones for the region
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History of the blue line project

In 2010, Wellington City Council's Emergency Management team (a predecessor to WREMO) worked with the residents of Island Bay to develop an effective public education campaign to show where the largest tsunami might reach.

After seven months of planning, a community-driven tsunami awareness plan was developed which included the innovative ‘blue line’ concept. 

Wellington City Council painted blue lines across the streets at the maximum possible run-up heights. These lines are based on modelling by GNS Science and Greater Wellington Regional Council.

The initial blue line project won the Global and Oceania awards for Public Awareness by the International Association for Emergency Managers in 2012.

Since 2012 Blue Lines have been painted in the Hutt Valley and planning is underway for lines in the Wairarapa.